‎Arcane Dames: Tarot & The Romani Community w/ Romanistan Podcast

Yay! Paulina & I were interviewed by Arcane Dames! It’s really nice to be able to talk openly and earnestly with other tarot readers about the history of the Romani people and tarot as a profession, digging into trade and survival work, appropriation v appreciation, the witch archetype, & more. We are just 2 perspectives on these vast topics, and it’s ok if everyone’s opinions & experiences aren’t the same. We just want more Romani voices heard, and we really appreciate the inclusion. If you know of any other podcasts who would like to talk about this with us, please connect us 💎

We shouted out @giuvlipen & Roma Futurism, @loly_by_zita_moldovan & @romanidesign, tarot reader & author @lisaboswellreal, tarot deck creators @katelanfoisy & @tayannahleemcquillar, & the Romani made oracle deck @thelivingaltar by @opulentwitch & @bimboyaga. Check out these Instagram handles for some beautiful magic


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