Fortune telling

Photography by Aurora Rose of

I learned card, palm, and tea leaf reading from my Romani-Sinti grandmother when I was a child. The women in my family were traditionally dancers and fortune tellers, while many of the men were musicians and crow charmers. Romani fortune telling feels a little like alternative Jungian therapy to me. We use symbols turned up by chance by these divinatory tools to help our clients better understand the events surrounding them, past or present, as well as their desires, fears, goals. These sessions are meant to help the querent navigate their next steps at the crossroads.

My grandmother trained me to be intuitive through hours of practice with the tools, dream interpretation, and what was essentially meditative prayer, though she wouldn’t have called it that. While I allow my intuitive to free-flow while working with clients, which can often bring us to helpful and unexpected places, I don’t claim to be a medium or a psychic. I like to think of my sessions as intuitive, conversational, and goal-oriented. I want to help you shake off what’s holding you back, discover your potential, and move down helpful paths to get you where you want to be.

Ritual is part of my daily life, and I’m a big believer in the magic of focused action, even if it’s as simple as lighting a candle with intention and taking a few steadying breaths before starting the day. If desired, I’m happy to suggest rituals that sometimes stem from my own cultural background, as well as my studies of meditation, yoga, and magic work across styles. If interested, in my longer, in-person sessions (and sometimes over the phone), we have the option of incorporating some ritual and focused intention into the reading.

You can schedule to see me in-person in the New York City area, or schedule a phone session. Private appointments are booked in 30, 45, and 60 minute sessions. If you would like to book me as a reader or entertainment for your party, bar, festival, fair, gallery opening, or event, I am happy to do mini-readings to suit the occasion. Please use the contact for below for queries and scheduling.


I’m also a reader at Tarot Society, a beautiful Bushwick boutique that offers gifts, classes, workshops, events, and readers of all sorts. You can book a private appointment with me there, and can also book me for parties and events.