IMG_2061The healing work that I practice is eclectic in nature, and stems from my training as a Reiki Master, and my Romani drabarni family tradition of hands-on, intuitive healing, which also sometimes incorporates herbs and ritual. I firmly believe that contemporary medicine has a very important place in healing the mind and body, and that you should consult a doctor about the medical issues you have. Energetic and spiritual healing is complementary medicine and can support your health regimen. Romani energetic healing is similar to Reiki in some ways, which I am also certified in, except it incorporates elements of light massage, incantation, and (if the patient is open to it) herbal elixirs and ritual that is similar to prayer or spell-work (depending on your world-view). The focus is also on drawing out the harmful energies that are stagnant in the body and transferring them as neutral energy to the earth. Often a tree or plant is used to facilitate this. Then, the practitioner calls on ancestors and helpful spirits to support and protect the client, and in the Reiki tradition, I like to finish by channeling universal healing energy out through my palms and into the client, and invoke the Reiki symbols over the client’s body. I sometimes incorporate essential oils, crystals, music, and other elements that are both relaxing and restorative according to the client’s preference .

While this work is a real treat in person, I can also do healing spell and prayer work from afar if the client isn’t near NYC.