Baxtalo Ederlezi!

It’s Ederlezi, the Romani holiday of spring, renewal, & St George! It’s celebrated by singing, dancing, throwing flowers, & feasting (especially lamb). I’m going to be singing a rendition of the traditional song, Ederlezi, at the Massachusetts Poetry Festival with the Poetry Brothel tonight at Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA. Doors open at 8:30 💐

Two of my favorite versions of “Ederlezi” are by this choir and Tatiana Eva Marie.

There’s a beautiful post about Ederlezi by Ivana Nikolić in Italian and English if you want to learn more. Paulina and I also dedicated a podcast episode to the holiday on Romanistan.

Even if you’re not at a festival, get yourself some flowers today, eat something delicious, connect with loved ones, listen to the songs, and make some wishes for springtime like seeds you plant and water in the sunshine. Baxtalo Ederlezi!🌷


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Thanks for being here 💜💜💜