I’m a 200-hour Kripalu Certified Yoga teacher with additional training in Trauma Aware Yoga with TCTSY. I also have a background in meditation, breathwork, and energy work.


Photographer: Victor Pachas

My style of yoga tends to flow from one posture to another, focusing on mindful movement coordinated with breath. My classes tend to be both relaxing and energizing, and include many different options and accommodations. I encourage my students to listen to their bodies first, and the instructor second.

I enjoy teaching students privately, or in a class setting, whether the class is at a yoga studio, business, retreat, festival, or event. I also specialize in teaching yoga and meditation workshops for writers, artists, and trauma survivors.

If you are interested in practicing yoga with me, or hiring me for a class, workshop, or event, please feel free to contact me here.


Photographer: Oscar Fuentes